Well, obviously this website is mostly German – by now. The topic we’re talking about is mostly Scottish, witch is somehow – language wise – related to the lingua franca of the web aka English. Still we are German, and as of now, we are our reader – therefor our readers mother-tounge is German too. On the other hand we kind of like british things and we do understand and speak the language somehow. We also do love our hobby being very international and like to lice in a world with friends all around the world – facebook and real.

So for now we go for a mostly German website, stay with an English interface and might publish the odd article in English sometimes – if for example we want to argue in an otherwise international blog-conversation.

If you don’t do German, but still think what we write might interest you consider having some fun using Google-tanslate, then ask yourself, if the mystic foreign language was the cause of your interest, and the content itself might just be as boring…
If in the end you are still interested – drop us a line, we might just translate it for you.

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